Hash Brownies

A few weeks ago I spotted an offer on Twitter from Sheffield’s Hash Brownies or #brownies as they brand themselves, for some free (free!) brownies for anyone interested in trying them.  As it happens, I was interested.  I got in touch with Andy from #brownies who obliged by very kindly dropping off a selection box to me a few days later.

#brownies selection

#brownies selection

Andy’s a very chirpy, friendly man, who stayed to chat for a bit to tell me more about the business, which has been up and running since January.  #brownies is run by Wendy and Andy who have 20 years experience as pastry chefs – Wendy’s biog on their website is pretty impressive, having trained at Le Gavroche and cooked for numerous celebraties.  They were developing quite a fan base of their creative range of brownie flavours and so the time seemed right to launch out with #brownies.  They’ve recently moved into new units to meet the growing demand – #brownies are supplying a number of premises in Leeds with their fantastic brownies and are winning more customers here in Sheffield too, with Bragazzis on Abbeydale Road recently stocking them.

To save you squinting at the photo, here are the flavours we had (a mixture of blondies and brownies):

Minty aero brownie
Turkish delight brownie
Rocky road brownie
Candied orange and cointreau brownie
Raspberry and vanilla blondie
Peanut butter and jelly brownie
Snickerlicious brownie
Bounty blondie
Triple chocolate and macadamia nut brownie

They didn’t last long sitting in the box before we started on them.  The first flavours to go were the raspberry and vanilla blondie and the candied orange and cointreau – both were lovely, with the soft slight gooey-ness you want from a brownie.  Next down the hatch, seconds later, were triple chocolate and macadamia nut (great nutty texture) and minty aero – now I know that chocolate mint is divisive, but I love it, and this had for me the perfect flavour combination – probably top of the box for me, closely followed by the candied orange and cointreau.  Some of the flavours that I was less sure about by name – such as the Turkish Delight and peanut butter with jelly (not flavours I would normally go for) – were actually very well balanced, so the brownies had a hint of a different flavour rather than being overpowered – I surprised myself by successfully putting those away too!  All with a cuppa, of course.  You can see a growing list of their impressive range of flavours on the website – banana and toffee is next on my list to try.  Or maybe spiced gingerbread…

Turkish Delight brownie and Bounty blondie

Turkish Delight brownie and Bounty blondie,

Andy says that the most popular flavours so far are the peanut butter, sour cherry and bourbon, and pecan and amaretto.  A great selling point is that the dark chocolate brownies are flour free (as they use cocoa powder instead of flour) and a gluten-free flour is used in the blondies, so they’re a fabulous treat for those on a gluten-free diet, something which I’m reliably informed is difficult to find.  Andy did point out that some of the brownies have biscuit toppings which may contain gluten so it’d be best to check with them first.

Look out for #brownies at the twice monthly Leeds Farmers Market and hopefully at a few more spots around Sheffield too.  Oh, and just in case you’re wondering…as Andy and Wendy carefully point out on their website, #brownies’ ingredients are all fully legal and above board!

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